Friday, 24 February 2012


Not a lot has been going on lately. Been a pretty boring week for the most part. I can say I am glad its over and Ive got a weekend of relaxing ahead of me. Had a rough day at work today, just want to go home and cuddle. Last night our landlord came over to show our rooms to a couple of students who are looking to move in. That made me excited, it means our moving date is fast approaching....36 days. Also, while our landlord was here she evicted one of our roommates, he lasted a whole week? maybe two. I never really saw much of him, I tried to pretend I didn't exist. But I heard some bad things from the people who live in the basement with him. Glad he is gone now. So since nothing eventful happened I will leave you with a guessing game picture. Below is a picture of an xray case from work. Any guess to whats going on here?

 This is a lower abdomen shot, with the pelvis. Shows lower spine, leading to the tail at the top and two hind legs towards the bottom just in case you couldn't figure that out. Head would be to the left of the screen. This is a male dog. Speaking of work...our street is going under construction from now until July, its really going to mess things up. Its only first week into construction and look !
Our entrance is being completely blocked by some construction truck of sorts. Not to mention all the bulldozers? crowding the street. Notice how sadly empty my parking lot is. Sigh.


  1. Are those 2 bone fragments I see floating around below the spine in the abdomen area?

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  3. Those are two giant bladder stones - walnut size !