Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Recent Outfits

Sometimes when I get days off, I like to dress nicely rather than just throw on some sweats like most people do on their days off. Since 97% of my life is spent wearing scrubs I try to change it up. I love clothes! Usually when I put together an outfit I like to take a picture so I can remember its beauty. I just never have anywhere to put these photos since my IPhone broke and I cannot use the many fashion apps I used too. So now I will post them on here.
 This skirt I loved when I saw it. Did not anticipate how hard it would be to find a top to style it with. Had to settle for a plain black tank as nothing else looked right. Yellow is such a bold color and doesn't help that its made from such a bold pattern. You need to careful when you wear lace pattern as everything else sort of needs to be plain or it clashes.
I searched for a good pair of mint green jeans almost all spring/summer. I finally got a pair the first week of September. A little bit late as we are getting into fall/winter colors but I'll be wearing these as much as I can before those leaves fall. Not liking the top I wore anymore! I regret that. Kinda makes me look more frumpy than I am.  I loved the top on the model though so I needed to get it. perhaps it needs to be styled different. I actually changed my shirt about 20 minutes after I took this photo to a small beige camisole and LOVED that but had no time to take a photo as Anthony was pushing me out the door.
A maxi dress was on the top of my list for this summer as well. I couldn't find one that I liked that was a decent price. I didn't want a solid color one as I thought it would look too boring. All the fancy patterned ones I saw were hard on the wallet. Finally found this one for about 18$. So comfortable to wear and you still look dressed up compared to wearing sweats.



  1. OMG, I love, love, love that skirt!

    Try wearing red with the mint pants, lol, it works in our livingroom, and will bring the outfit into the fall/xmas season :)

    Funny how we both just got mint pants and have to "fall" them up.

    So many ways to accessorize that dress eh? I picture you with big chunky jewellery.

    BTW...you frumpy? Never!

  2. There is NO WAY you are frumpy!!!! You need to stop downing yourself and see you for who you really are....... a bright, vivacious young lady... Old ladies are frumpy!! LOL