Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hope your Easter holiday was a great one!

I just wanted to make a little post dedicated to Easter dangers regarding your pets. I am a little late with this post but its still helpful as Easter treats and decor are still hanging around for a few days.

Number 1 - Chocolate is toxic
Although chocolate is very tasty for us, and the dogs always want a piece, you must resist! Chocolate is very toxic to dogs and can be very dangerous especially in smaller breed dogs whose toxic dose can be as little as one Cadbury Creme Egg! We had one case of chocolate toxicity this weekend at work, which is actually quite impressive. If your pet ingests some chocolate, call your vet right away and have your pets weight, type of chocolate, and estimated amount eaten on hand. 

Number 2 - Easter Lilies Are Toxic to Cats
There are a number of plants that are toxic to pets, but at Easter time this is the number 1 offender. We also had one case of lily ingestion over the weekend as well. A tell tale sign that your pet may have ingested some is seeing red, yellow, or white pollen around the nose. Cats like to chew on leaves and petals of the plant so take a look for teeth marks. If you have cats and cannot live without lilies please put them in places that your pets cannot reach! Call your vet right away if you are suspicious.

Number 3 - Bunnies as Gifts
This one is not exactly a danger, but is just an unfortunate for the bunny. A lot of people think its really cute to buy their children a bunny for Easter, and it is...but you need to make sure this commitment is something that your family is ready for. After Easter bunny numbers in shelters goes up due to owners realising it wasn't such a great idea as there children lose interest after Easter is over.  I am all for adoption and getting pets homes, but it is not far to buy and then send to a shelter a week later. Make sure you are ready first. If you are truly ready, then its a super cute addition to your family. 

Again, Happy Easter Everyone!