Monday, 25 March 2013

Hello Spring

The entrance of Spring came in like a lion. Its been so cold and crappy out! We have had maybe one nice day so far and when I say nice I mean no snow, no wind but still cold enough for me to wear my winter coat, hat and mitts when going on dog walks. All of our snow is gone, but weather is calling for snow for the next 3 days :( 

Can't wait for the real Spring to arrive so I can crack out all my cute Spring dresses and shoes. What is your favourite part of Spring? 



  1. So many things, lol...opening up windows and doors...being able to head out without putting on a coat and boots...snow melting away...grass getting green...birds chirping...the sound of wind chimes...setting up all our outdoor decor items...sitting outside on the porch :)

  2. kids splashing in puddles; robins; green grass; pussy willows; fresh air; rain; no heavy clothes; shorts; and the list goes on and on....

  3. oh yes another is HOT guys on Motorbikes!!!!!!!!

  4. The list does go on forever doesn't it...