Monday, 11 March 2013

Yard Sales

Good Afternoon

On Saturday me and Anthony went to an indoor yard sale at the Ancaster Fair Grounds. It was a gathering of 44 different "vendors" who were looking to sell their spring cleaning.

I took a few photos of some of the neat stuff I found, but only ended up buying one item. Which was a small jar of home made raspberry jam.

This one older lady had a whole booth set up with just her homemade jams. There was so many flavours and sizes to choose from. I haven't tried this one yet because we don't have any bread, but I've smelt it and it smells amazing, I can't wait to try it out. I am hoping we can find more sales like this, or farmers/flea markets in the spring/summer so I can try more jams. There were a few more flavours I would like to try, such as: peach, bumbleberry, mixed berry, red pepper, and of course strawberry and blueberry. I will be keeping my ears/eyes open for upcoming markets since the weather is getting nicer!

The next booth that I loved was dedicated to Barbie's. A mother and her young daughter were working the booth and everything was home made as well. All the barbie's clothing and accessories were all knitted! So cool.
This picture just shows some accessories that they had in a box for display. As you can see: underwear, purses, slippers and hats. Tons of colours and designs to choose from. Apart from this box they had cute mini clothing racks set up with different knit outfits. They even had "look books" which showed the owners sketches of the outfits and the plans so you could order more or customize. Such an awesome idea! The little girl was having fun in the background just dressing up her barbies. She must have the largest barbie clothing collection! They even had special items like hand made BBQ sets, garden tools and lawn chairs. 

The next images caught my eye and immediately I told Anthony that my mother wold love one of these. Then I started thinking about Anthony's mother and grandmother, and these would make awesome Christmas gifts...and where was this a few months ago?!

So basically, you chose your scarf and you chose a pendant! So many different pendants to choose from! I took a photo of a few displays and some samples. Each one costs $15. Such a cute idea! I like the white one in the middle on the bottom row the best. Some of the pendants were just awesome though, the possibilities are endless. 



  1. That is so nice they have an indoor yard sale. I love Farmers Markets the one we have here is pretty sad but they are trying and growing. I have found some yummy jams and jellies from one woman. My favorite is her pomegranate jalapeño, really good melted and used as a glaze for chicken.

    1. pomegranate jalapeno, that sounds delicious!

  2. were right...I would love one of those scarves with a pendant :)

    1. knew it, wish I had brought home money, would have picked one out for you :)