Friday, 8 March 2013

Date Night: Anniversary

Good Morning! 

On Wednesday March 6th it was myself & Anthony's 4 year anniversary! I cannot believe it has been 4 years. We didn't do anything too special as we are ever trying to save our money and yet again, both had to work the overnight. We ended up just going out for a very casual lunch date which I am not against. I'd rather go a nice meal and spend under $50 then go all out and spend nearly $200 on a date then feel broke afterwards. I'd rather save that $200 for the most important date of all, if it ever comes. But in the mean time we will be using our saved money to pay off all our student debt. 

So anyways, we went to Montana's cookhouse again as we still had $25 on the gift card from last time, and a coupon for a free appetizer. So by the end of it, we only owed them $2 plus tip. It was probably the cheapest date ever!

I didn't take many images of our meals, which I should have. We had oven-baked antojitos as our appetizer.  They were spicy but delicious and warm. Below is a photo I took from the internet that someone else took while at Montana's. I also found the recipe if you are interested. So good! As the main meal Anthony of course got another burger and fries. That is his go-to dish. I think he has probably tried every restaurants signature burgers. This one had a thick slice of peameal (sp?) bacon on it as well. I just got a boring old classic poutine as I was nearly full from appetizers. A delicious snippet of poutine pictured above!



2 lbs cream cheese
4 oz jalapeño peppers
4 oz bread crumbs
1 oz green peppers
4 oz red peppers
½ oz chopped parsley
10 tortillas
1 fl oz hot sauce
10 oz shredded cheddar (mixed)


1. Chop up vegetables (japs, peppers and parsley).
2. Mix chopped vegetables together.
3. Mix ¾ of chopped vegetables with cream cheese, salt, bread crumbs and hot sauce.
4. Spread cream cheese mixture on tortillas.
5. Sprinkle remaining chopped vegetables and shredded cheddar over the tortillas.
6. Roll the tortillas.
7. Cut 5 or 6 perpendicular lines in the top of the wraps.
8. Store or bake.


1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Spread garlic butter on top of the wraps for a golden colour (I've done just plain butter before, as well as sprayed the tops with Pam before throwing them in the oven).
3. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown and crisp on top.

Outift of the Day

Top: Sirens
Jeans: Guess
Boots: Go Jane
Jacket: Urban Behavior
Necklace: Forever21

My necklace was the main reason I put this outfit together. It is a new purchase! Two weeks ago when Anthony's sister visited us she wanted to go shopping at Forever21. Of course I could not resist going there! I had to limit myself or I would have bought the whole wishlist is three pages long. So I tried to stick myself to the jewelry section to not even tempt myself with clothes. I left with three new necklaces and spent around $30. I will show you the other two soon.  The shirt I am wearing was originally bought to be tucked into high waisted skirts and my pants just weren't cutting it. The shirt was a bit too short to be tucked in, but I worked with it anyways!


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  1. Happy Anniversary you two! LOL...$2 date...fantastic! I love the new necklace...and the way your hair's colours show up in your braid :)