Friday, 8 March 2013

Goal Milestone

Good Night Everyone! 

I know I haven't spoken about fitness/health in a while since my rant about being healthy this year as a resolution. And no I did not fail or quit - yet. A while ago I was finally able to run without dying. When I started the gym in February I couldn't run longer than 2 minutes without being completely lost for breath. Well that quickly changed about half way through the month. I was finally able to run for 5 minutes without being too uncomfortable. Well now that it is march I am able to run 10 minutes! I just did it for the first time this morning. 

Goal Milestone: Run for 10 minutes comfortably!

To some of you, you are probably thinking that's nothing because you can run for hours without a care. I have never really ever ran before. I never played sports in school ,wasn't very active except for my paper route! Being able to run for 10 minutes is an accomplishment for me. I am so excited to be able to hit my next milestone, the 15 minutes. 

Originally, I had wanted to be able to run with Anthony in our neighbourhood in the spring. I feel like this might be possible,but he is getting better too! I might be able to go as long as him by then, but he runs a lot faster so we might start next to each other but he will probably get more distance so eventually we won;t be running together. I had some other goals....go to the gym 5X a week. This is a hit and a miss. Sometimes we do, sometime we don't. Its slacking I know but I don't want to force myself and turn the gym into something I dread. The other goal was to lose 15 lbs by June 1st. That won't happen. Its been a month, I haven't budged. I'm still obviously going to try to lose it, but its not getting me down. People keep telling me I am healthy weight and what not so I am not too concerned. I just wanted to do it for myself to feel better. I feel better just achieving my running goals, so if I lose it, awesome...if not oh well. My attitude will likely change more once bikini season rolls around! 



  1. Congrats on reaching your goal Desiree! know I am one of the people who has been telling you that your body is perfect the way it is...just remember to eat healthily and it should stay that way forever...sure I had done that...I miss my 20something body :)

  2. Great Job - running has never been my favorite, mainly do to boobs, lol Keep it up

  3. Good for you for reaching your goal.. as for your weight not budging... have you been measuring yourself??? you could be gaining muscle which is good... you do look good the way you are.