Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I was at work all night so I don't have anything exciting to share with you guys but I did stop by the 24 hour Shoppers on my way home at 1am and picked up some cady 50% off before they pack everything away in the morning! Yay :)

From me and Mae West!

Mae west says "Trick or Treat"

I am the monster hiding under your bed!  Mae West loves to wear her Halloween tie.

 P.S. we saw 2 dogs with chocolate ingestion tonight, and I am sure they will get more overnight and into tomorrow. Just remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs!

Xoxo D


  1. That's my girl....can't pass up a sale...especially on chocolate <3

  2. when the price is right, grab it !

  3. I've always wondered what is in chocolate that is toxic to dogs.........and if it is toxic to dogs why not toxic to humans then???

    1. The toxic ingredient is theobromine & caffeine. An increase in both those will cause an imbalance of calcium in the cells causing muscular tremors and increased heart activity. Plus they will get GI upset from large amount of caffeine. Humans can get it too but they need to eat a crap load, animals are more affected because they digest these chemicals at a much slower rate, and have smaller body mass than we do. Hope that helped :P