Monday, 14 July 2014

Fashion I Can't Get Behind

Harness Heels?
Pictured: Gojane

I can't imagine any situation or event that would make these appropriate or classy.  Other than if you were a dominatrix stripper. I find it hard to believe that people buy these. They are regular $54.60 too. No thank you. Oh, they also come in metallic gold!

Wetsuit Romper
Stacks on Deck Romper: Gojane

A few years ago when the romper started coming back to fashion I had a hard time getting on board. Now they are tolerable, I even own one.  However now they have taken it too far.  You would have to be a size 0 for this to be flattering and even then its just not right. Doesn't look comfortable and why would you wear this? Other than to surfing or scuba diving? Looks like a wet suit to me. 

Maxi Kimono
yellow: boohoo
print: boohoo

I like a regular kimono. I have been trying to find one for the summer. They are light and airy and a good cover up to wear without dying of heat in the summer. I just can't find a pattern I like, a lot of them are pretty wild. I want a basic one so it can be worn with almost anything. I can across these on my search. They look like robes! Why are we turning robes into acceptable day wear? 


Disclaimer: hopefully I haven't offended anyone. Just keep in mind that these are my personal opinions for my own style. Everyone has their own style and it's okay to be different :) 


  1. I must admit that I've never heard of these 3 trends. Although I was reading a blog post by Snooki where she said she was going to stock up on kimonos this summer because of her baby bump. I just assumed they would be short and not floor length. LOL...those harness heels look like something Frankenstein's bride would wear to hold her legs on!

    1. exactly, a kimono is like a cardigan but light and airy and usually sheer.

  2. I would totally wear those heels :P Well maybe not those ones exactly but similar :D