Monday, 14 July 2014

Bikini Haul

I went bikini shopping at La Vie En Rose Aqua last week because they were having a sale and I need to get some bikini's that actually fit me. Time to be realistic. So I got four.

Ombre Bandeau Bikini -  {top $19.99 bottom $17.99} I love the different blue shades on this one. Reminds me of the ocean or the pool.  The top can be worn as strapless or with the halter tie. It removes easily. The top has a cluster of jewels in the centre but its hard to see in this picture. The side tie bottoms also have some jewels hanging down.
Graphic Mirage Bikini - {top $39.95 bottom $14.95} This pattern is so cool and I love the style of the bottoms. The top is simple push up halter style. The black panels on the side are very flattering for both the top and the bottom.  This set is from the new collection so it was full price BUT they had a coupon code for half off bottoms if you got the top. 

Soft Solid Jewel Halter - {$9.99} THIS top is the entire reason I wanted to place an order with LVER.  The colour is sort of across between brown and army green - I love it. The pink jewels on the side are a cute bonus. The main reason for my love for this top is the fact that it is a 5in1 style top. Meaning you can wear it 5 different ways. My most favourite way is the front cross (which i've shown you below).  So gorgeous. 
Wild Floral String Bikini -  {$4.99} Since the top was in clearance they didn't have the matching bottoms so I chose my own. These bottoms have a bit of the same brown colour and a lot of the pink colour from the jewels on the side. I think they match pretty good. And they were only $5!
Bird of Paradise Top - {$9.99} I loveeee the pattern and bright colours on this one, plus its the 5in1 style top so its super versatile. 
Blue & Yellow Stripe Bottoms - {$4.99} These bottoms were both in the clearance section for $5 each so I got one of each colour. They both go well with the separate top I bought and button details on the side were too cute to pass.  Plus they could easily be worn with white tops or even yellow/blue tops respectively.

^^^^^ this style is the reason I bought this bathing suit in two different colours. I just love it! Its also super convenient that you can style different ways but this cross in the front is my favourite. How gorgeous is that?! The longer I look at it, the more I want it in black too. 

Check out La Vie En Rose Aqua!  They are having a huge sale of 70% off right now.  They have some awesome suits for ladies like me who need some support and can't rock a simple triangle bathing suit. They also have great full coverage bottoms which I love. Trust me, If I could pull off cheeky bottoms I would!



  1. Is the colour of the jewel top what they call taupe? I love the cross front look too, would look so nice with a maxi skirt....does it match your yellow one?
    My fave bikini is the mirage set :)

    1. Yea, Taupe that's it ! Yea I think it should match that skirt well :) good idea.

  2. Pretty. I wish we had more swimming around here. So jealous.

    1. Our beach is like 45 minutes away, but we have the swimming pool :)