Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Plan B Week 2

Good Evening!

We got this week's Plan B Box, inside we got:
Cucumber (1)
Swiss Chard
Grape Tomato
Sweet Potatoes (3)
Carrots (3)
Avocado (1)

As you may have noticed, we received a lot more than 10 items this week. I am assuming its because we got small shares of certain items, so they added a couple more.  For example, 1 avocado, so they gave us 3 sweet potatoes. I am not going to argue on that one! We got a lot of garden greens this week so we are going to need to make a lot of salads so they don't go bad. And I have never had an avocado before, or Swiss chard. Any suggestions?



  1. I've never had avocado before either but I know they are good for you. Only think I know to make with them is guacamole dip. Swiss chard is alot like spinach so use it the same way.

  2. Our baskets never looked that good. You got a lot of wonderful items. Swiss chard is good sautéed in a little olive oil and garlic and splashed with a little red wine vinegar. Avocado's are my favorite, besides guacamole I love them on a BLT sandwich, mashed up on a bagel with some smoked salmon, breaded and fried, cubed and put on your salad just to name a few :)

  3. I like my avocado, cut up and sprinkled with salt and pepper and just eat it. As for swiss chard, I love it steamed with a little butter and salt and pepper on it.
    Wish they had food plans like that around here.. would be perfect for me.