Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Dress Code

Good Evening !

Today I will go through some of the clothing items I received for Christmas. Not all the pieces I got from Christmas will be in here just a handful that I am really excited to try out, but everything I received was amazing.
 These are a pair of tights my mother got for me, with cute little bows. I put my arm through them to try and show you the pattern. I think they are just adorable!
 I received two pairs of winter patterned leggings this Christmas - one from mother, one from friend. I love both of them! I can't wait to try these out as I had been looking a good pair for months.
 I got this dress from Anthony's mother. She has good taste! It's actually from forever21! You can chose to remove the neck strap if you wish and go strapless but I prefer the security. I really like this dress, I will maybe wear it on New Years Eve if we do anything. (stupid work!)
 This top is also from Anthony's mom. It is from Abercrombie and it too cute! This style was huge this past summer and I hope it stays strong into next because I will be rocking this alot once the weather changes. I love that it can be dressed up to look nautical, or dressed up just to be cutesy.
 This pink dress is another from Anthony's mom, also from Abercrombie. Another strapless item, but I am really enjoying the strapless look right now - probably because its winter and not really weather appropriate! This also has pockets, just perfect. (Ignore the wrinkles, will need to be ironed.)
 This mint coloured dress is from my friend Amy. And it is amazing! I love the colour, and the contrasting brown belt. Not to mention the cut of the dress is amazing and I don't have anything like it. AND its lace! Triple threat. I was bummed out summer is so far away, but mom recommended wearing it at Easter, and I think she was into something!
I put this outfit together for Christmas dinner with Anthony's Family. In the image you can't really see the dress very well, but it is a black "skater" dress. Meaning it has the skirt of a figure skater with a high neckline. This was a gift from Anthony's grandmother.  I love the blue belt, it stands out so bold. I magically found a bangle in the same colour on my jewelry tree. I am wearing a new pair of tights that I bought from GoJane that are made to look like a ribbon is tied around my leg...closer to the top of my thigh is a bow. They are super adorable. I just paired it with some plain black pumps.
I can't wait to start putting some of these & other items to use! A post about jewelry and make up to follow.

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  1. Kudos to Amy on that dress choice LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!