Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Layout

As you may have noticed, I created a new blog layout for the winter season. I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out since its a pretty basic template. I was orinigally trying for a dark blue and gold winter themed one, but the images I wanted weren't big enough and I was having a hard time color matching from paint to blogspot.  Yea, I still use Paint program, and I must say it has gotten a lot more complicated since I used it as a child.
I always need to provide some sort of eye candy on each post, so I leave you with a handful of photos of the cats that have accumulated on my iphone over the months.

 Mae west cuddling up with the xbox controller, I think she wants a turn?
 A bit blurry, but I caught Mae sleeping in my TNA duffle bag on the shelf in my closet!
 Aeries standing a little bit like a bunny rabbit. Not sure what she was doing. But you can see Mae is sleeping next to her, so maybe she is in attack mode.
 This is Mae when I let her on the balcony after the snow fall a couple days ago. She ran out so fast because she was excited to go to her condo and didn't realize there was snow until she got up there. She is investigating it in this photo.  So cute to see her little paw prints in the snow.
 And a final one of Mae taking a nap on our bed. Cats always look so comfortable when they are sleeping !

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  1. Not sure which I love more...the snowflake background or the cats <3