Monday, 3 December 2012

Final Decorations

Today I put up some Christmas lights on my balcony. Sadly, our balcony's have no exterior electrical plug so I have to run one through the door, and when I want my lights on, I need to be cold form the air getting in the cracked door.
I had a hard time getting a good photo of these. Its always hard to capture lights first. And secondly, my camera battery was exhausted so every time I went to snap the picture the camera turned off. Its also raining, and I had no where to steady my hand. Since its a night photo you need absolute stillness to get the perfect shot. However, These two shall do okay.
 Our apartment is the one in the middle that is glowing pink/red. At least we cause an effect. The person the right of the building really has a nice set up.
This is a zoomed in photo of our apartment! You can see the pink cat sitting on the railing, and the red & white lights lining the beam. Nothing for up top though, we have no lights left.


  1. Lookin great Babe,especially from the parking lot.....Way to be Hon.