Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dress Code Dec 2012

Good Morning, only 6 days until Christmas!
In this entry I am going to go over all my new fashion pieces that I've acquired this month.  I will probably do this more often, whenever I get new items so that it isn't so jam packed.

 The first item is a pair of "curvy fit" skinny jeans. Made for people like me who are curvy! These are actually awesome. There is extra material in all the right places and you can't tell. The back on these jeans sit a bit higher than average low rise for us women with a plump behind. I can actually move around in them without feeling uncomfortable or losing my pants all together - cuz we all know how low rise jeans are these days. They were only $12.80 from Forever21.  I hope they release more color options soon!
 I have been looking for a Christmas pattern sweater all month but just can't seem to find one that doesn't look cheap or like its a gag sweater. Instead I settled on this beauty. The fair isle pattern still looks somewhat festive with the purple flower type design that looks like a cross between a snowflake and a poinsettia. The color scheme isn't Christmasy but it is definitely winter themed so it works fine for me. I can't decide if I like it better styled closed or opened. It even has pockets on the front, and very cute over sized wooden buttons. This was a bit more pricey at $41.80 from Forever21.

 Shoe time! I love heels. I have a large collection and rarely find myself able to wear them but at least I have them when I need them. I had my eye on these strappy heels for a long time actually. I was surprised that they still had my size in stock during the giant shoe sale.  Sorry the image is so distant, I will take better images next time I do this. These heels have two buckles on the medial side that keep the strappy crosses together and of course allows you to actually get your foot in. I plan to wear these this weekend when I go out for drinks with the girls back home. I got these on sale (reg.28.20) for $20.45 from GoJane.
 Seeing these heels online I couldn't say no. I have no clue where I will get the chance to wear these without looking too over done, but I have a feeling they shout "NEW YEARS" to me. Very gorgeous gold glitter heels that have an ankle strap that is covered by my pants. Usually I don't wear heels with ankle straps because they make my calves look large - but I make exceptions. I also got these on sale (reg.31) for $25.45 from GoJane.

I bought this knowing that it would be utilised sometime over the Holidays. Sequins seem to the hottest thing right now. I am wearing this out for drinks with the girls as well. Its a classy sequin shift dress that hits mid thigh with a zippered back. I can't wait to wear it. I got it for $35.80 from Forever21.
 When I saw this dress,  I knew I needed it. Not sure where I will wear this yet but it will be put to good use. Lace peplum top and black cotton bottom. Its so comfortable, and I just love the triangle cut out in the back! I need to find somewhere to wear this soon! Do you think its too fancy to wear to a family Christmas dinner? I got it for $29.80 from Forever21.
The last item on my list are these boots that just came in the mail. I have been needing a pair of flat foot boots for the winter and I got these ones on sale. I love the three buckles and the slouchy appearance of the body. I got these as I said on sale(reg 32.10) for $24.95  from GoJane. My mother also got a pair of boots from that sale! Gotta love sales :)

Until next time I shop,


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  1. OMG, I loved everything you bought! new purse? Oh how I hate low rise jeans...good grief, every time you move or bend over it feels like you are mooning the world!