Monday, 10 December 2012

Hello December

I am a little late at welcoming December on the blog, but not late in reality.  I love December. Everyone usually hates winter but December is a good month. Its the start of the winter so its not too cold yet. And the new fallen snow is still in its pretty state and not brown with mud. Also, Christmas, and shortly after New Years -Two of the best holidays. And an extra for me, snowboarding!
I haven't done much lately, except work, so I created a collage of Christmas decor inspiration!

So many good DIY ideas here. I have a lot of cork crafts above because I have a bunch of them stuck around from a project. I went to the dollar store today to get some supplies to maybe make some of these items, and couldn't find enough to complete even one! I didn't want to spend too much so just wanted to get supplies from dollar store. But since its Christmas, the craft isle has been taken over by all Christmas items. I will have to remember these for next year and stock up early.


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  1. Bummer that you couldn't find enough stock to do the crafts...but now it's something to look forward to next year...right after Halloween, get into Christmas mode :)