Sunday, 30 December 2012

Moms Famous Turkey Soup

Good Evening!
All day I have been simmering some soup in my new crock pot that I received for Christmas. There is nothing better than soup when you are feeling sick. I decided to make my moms famous turkey soup. She usually makes it around the holidays but my brother claimed the batch so I need to make some for myself. My mom gave me half her turkey carcass so I could start.
-Turkey carcass
-Salt & pepper
- Knorr home style stock poultry flavor
-Seasonings of choice
-Filler of choice (pasta, rice, beans, etc.)
 First step is to chop all your veggies. There isn't a set amount of how much to use, you can just go by your own tastes. I have a smaller crock pot so I need to use small amounts. I went with 1/2 onion, 1 celery stock, and about 6 baby carrots. Next time I will be using less onions and I found there were too many. Feel free to add more or less to your liking.
 This is a picture of my purple crock pot. Thanks Mom&Dad. For filler I decided on some baby alphabets. I wanted something small and the store didn't have any Fellini so this was the next smallest item on the shelf. I have one container of poultry flavoured stock, and set aside salt & pepper plus some vegetable seasoning for flavor. You may use whatever you wish. TIP: do not add too many spices to the whole pot, you can add them to each individual bowl to each persons preference
 The half carcass my mom gave me was still too large for I needed to break it in half again (yay for second batches). Put the carcass in the pot and add enough water to cover it. Add your veggies and all seasonings plus stock. Cook on high all day - I cooked mine for about 7 hours.
 MMM Its cooking and it smells amazing - plus its making my apartment smell great as well! It looks like its headed in the right direction.
 Once you think it has cooked long enough - veggies are soft, meat is falling off the bone - it is time de-bone everything. This is probably the hardest part of the whole thing but its actually not terrible. I needed to be extra careful because Anthony is super picky about bones! Once you are confident all bones are gone you can add your filler. I wasn't sure what amount to use again, so I just went with 3/4 cup. It was pretty dead on. Anthony recommended I add more noodles next time because he likes a noodley soup.  Again it is done to your own taste.
After about 30 minutes of cooking with the filler it is done! It turned out great! YUMMY It looks just as I remembered it , and I think my mom and dad would be proud to eat it. I wish I could send a bowl in the mail for the ultimate approval. Anthony approves - he is my toughest critic.


  1. I can almost smell it from here! Good job babe! And I see you even used your bright pink you'll have to try out your purple pots and, now I'll have to be on the lookout for something else colourful for your kitchen :)

  2. well if the man approves that is what counts... glad it turned out for you... I usually cook up my carcass in a big pot and then save the broth in smaller containers and freeze.. when I want to make soup then I have my turkey broth ready to use... I just do the carcass, a bit of onion and a bit of celery... then I strain it all, clean off the meat and toss it back into the broth... then making soup another time is easy peasy.