Friday, 28 December 2012

Jewelry/Makeup Dress Code

Hello Again
Yup, two posts in the same night. I am on a roll. I guess you can say I am feeling inspired. My inspiration: All my new Christmas gifts. This post is about my new jewelry and makeup.
 First, I must say rose gold jewelry is my new obsession thanks to my mother! First item she got me was this beautiful rose gold necklace with diamond heart, a bow, and even a "D". 
 I got these earrings from Anthony's grandmother. They are awesome. I had several pairs similar to this sitting on my online wish lists waiting for me to buy them, but now I don't need too.
 Second rose gold item from my mom was this gorgeous watch. The picture I took doesn't really do it justice. It looks more plain gold here. If real life it is much more rose and much more sparkly. This watch is amazing, and I've gotten so many compliments so far.  This is prob one of my best items.
 Next item on the list is a gold collar necklace. I have seen this popping up all over the place and now I have one too! I have never worn one before so will have to try to style it right. I think the key is to wear it with a plain top so it doesn't take away from the detail or look too overdone.
 Ah! I love these. A set of three leather wrap bracelets from my mother. Gosh, she knows me well. I love this style, and can't wait to wear them with my black studded leather wrap watch.
 Moving onto makeup. First item is of course a Hello Kitty palette from Sephora that my brothers GF Kayla got me. This is to die for! The colors inside and perfect and it even comes with a miniature compact and a liquid eye liner that works quite well.
 This is a jumble of all the nail products I got from many people combined. So many options to choose from, and now my collection is growing. Hopefully they can go to good use on some awesome nail art.
 These are two items from Sephora as well. One from my mom, one from Kayla. The first is a makeup setting spray. I haven't used it before but have heard a lot about it and wanted to try it out. Basically you just apply your makeup and spray this and it helps your makeup last twice as long. The second item is a lip gloss that smells amazing. Not sure what the scent is but I can't stop smelling it! That will probably all be used up very quickly. Not to mention its cute little bottle case.
Again, these are not all my items, just a selection of my favourites!

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  1. I must admit that your pinterest posts on my facebook newsfeed really helped me out with my Christmas shopping. And confession #2...I fell in love with that rose gold boyfriend watch the minute I saw it...I had never seen one before...and then how serendipitous to spot a rose gold necklace with a D on it...I could hardly contain my excitement, lol!