Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sherman Oaks

Today me and Anthony went to see a model home for some townhouses that are being built in our area for the 200's. When we got there, it turns out 200's to them meant 299's so turns out we cant actually afford anything but we went into the model single home they had on site just for funsies. This one was probably half a mill at least.

This is the staircase and the grand entrance. Stairs are my weakness, and these ones are incredible.
 Below is the entrance way. Beautiful double french doors and high ceilings.
 This is the living room, or part of it. Nice homey feel with the fireplace. The flooring in the house was amazing.
 This is the dining room. I just LOVE the full length patio doors. Makes it look so open and bright.
 Next is the kitchen. Love that is has a breakfast bar. The appliances are nice too. There was lots of cupboard space in the kitchen off to the left of the image but I couldn't capture everything!
 This is the view from the top of the stairs looking down to the front entrance. I have always wanted something like this in my home.
 Amazing laundry suite on the top floor. No lugging laundry up and down the stairs. I love how laundry rooms are now a pretty part of the home that is decorated and finished, as opposed to being in the utility room that isn't even dry walled. SO NICE.
 At the top of the stairs we have the "hallway", big enough to be its own room. Master bedroom is the top right, with second bedroom on the top left. On the left side is the shared washroom. To the right is where the laundry room was. Behind me (i took the picture ) is another bedroom. Each room has its own walk in closet!
 This is the en suite bathroom. I tried to take a panoramic photo of the whole thing because it was just great!
 This is the en suite vanity up close with the glass shower in the corner. I love the rustic style of the cupboards.
 & the bath tub in the en suite as well, I am obsessed with bathtubs. I miss them :(
 This is half of the master bedroom. Couldn't fit it all once again. Nice large window in here, and a giant walk in closet which i am about to show you. I love the effect the chandelier gives off.
 This is the master bedrooms walk in closet, it even has its own window, just incredible.
 This is the shared bathroom upstairs since the master is the only one with en suite bathroom. Still quite a decent size for shared.
 Back down to the main floor. This is a space, that only has half walls on the other walls to make it look more open concept. Of course this is where they displayed the town home floor plans.
 Yet another stair case that leads to the basement. I just love the spiral look.
 View from stair landing into basement. Behind me is utility closet with furnace and cold storage.
 This is the bathroom in the basement complete with a shower! Also a decent sized bathroom. This house just has amazing square footage.
 Extra bedroom, or exercise room as they set it up with a whole wall a giant mirror.
 & Anthony's favourite feature, the "man cave". Complete with a projector screen and four massage chairs, plus plenty of room for a bar and a pool table.
Isn't this an incredible home? After seeing this I had "house depression", knowing that houses like this exist, except I will never own one. Its such a tease. But I would do it all over again at another site.


  1. That house is a lottery ticket!!

  2. Yes buy a lottery ticket.. you can't win if you don't buy them... I discovered that myself one day.... haha