Friday, 18 September 2015

The Closet Cure Assignment # 6

Today we are sorting what I like to call the utilities (underwear, socks, bras and tights). I am excited for this one because this is a section of my "wardrobe" that needs a lot of help. I don't think I've gone through my utilities in a very long time. 

The best of this is throwing stuff away! Such a good feeling to get rid of clutter and unnecessary items. I just grabbed an old grocery bag and started tossing stuff. This is much easier because for me it's just a garbage bag, no maybe, no donate, no dry clean, just garbage. I have a lot of bra's that only have one metal hook and it's time to say goodbye! I also tossed out socks that have holes, or are really worn out and close to hole status (I need to teach Anthony that one). Say goodbye to tights will pulls. NTS: pick up new nude tights. I have also made an executive decision that I no longer like my patterned leggings so I will be donating those. Since assignment # 6 was called the final sort I am going to go through my bathing suit collection as well. I feel like it fits in this category and I am thinking there's no more sorting tasks left.

I have a lot more room in my utility drawers now. Thanks to good ole Pinterest I want to try organizing those drawers like this. Looks so fancy and organized and not chaotic like mine.

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  1. This was an easy one for me too! Since discovering the comfort of sport bras, I rarely wear all my other bras, so I was able to pare down my collection quite a bit.