Sunday, 13 September 2015

Closet Cure Assignment # 3

Assignment # 3 came in on Friday but since it was my Birthday we were away all weekend. So I am just getting started on this one today! It's the only assignment we got all weekend because it's a big one. She recommended not tackling all sections at once but since I am running out of time I am going to do one section in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. What better way to spend a rainy day?

Our task this time is sorting again just like in assignment 2, except now we are sorting:

1. Dresses & Skirts
2. Jeans & Casual Pants
3. Top and Jackets/Outerwear
Dress Count  23
Skirt Count 16
Jean Count 18
Casual Pant Count 3
Top Count 53
Jacket/Outerwear Count 11
Shorts: 8

Also I noticed shorts were not listed here so I added them in

My giant pile of "no's" and all my free hangers!

New Dress Count 19 (-4)
New Skirt Count 11 (-5)
New Jean Count 12 (-6)
New Casual Pant Count 1 (-2)
New Top Count 35 (-18)
New Jacket/Outerwear Count 11 (-0)
New Short Count: 3 (-5)

Yes, I know, I didn't get rid of any outerwear or jackets. I am pretty pleased with my collection. I have 6 blazers - One black, 2 grey, white, pink and bright green - and I feel like I need them all. Blazers are a great item to spice up any outfit and having a good color selection really helps. I like the style and fits of them all so I'm going to keep them. Otherwise I have a jean jacket, a jean vest, a leather jacket, a thick "sweater" vest, and a green army coat. I guess jackets/outerwear is where I fail the most (haha). In every other category I feel like I did pretty good damage. I definitely felt some guilt while discarding items to the "No" pile. My job here is done!

How are you doing on your Closet Cure? If you still want to sign up, you can visit Apartment Therapy.


  1. Wow, you got rid of a lot of stuff! should have a pile named "might fit mom" :)