Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Closet Cure Assignment 4 & 5

Today I have combined assignments 4 & 5 into the same post. 

Assignment # 4 is all about taking care of that dry cleaning pile. As I mentioned before, I am not creating a dry cleaning pile. I don't dry clean and if anything is stained I'm just tossing it out. This was a catch up day for me, but more just a rest day before the hard part on assignment # 5. 

Yep, Shoes & Bags. Shoes are my thing. I have a problem with buying shoes because they look so damn good. What U need to focus on is comfort. I've been lucky and have quiet a few pairs of heels that are actually really comfortable and I can walk around in all day. I do have a few pairs that are absolutely horrid but they are just too pretty to give away. This is where Assignment # 5 comes in and whips me into shape. With that being said, I recently went through my shoe collection and donated a bunch so not sure how this will turn out.

Bags on the other hand...Bags is one part of my wardrobe that I don't have. I am actually quiet ashamed of it. I literally have my go to cross body bag from Coach, A large Michael Kors bag that I use to take to my lunch, textbooks and a change of scrubs to work, and a large Burberry bag that is more a display item than anything. I don't have a single clutch (wtf), and don't have any bags to help compliment my outfits(what is wrong with me). If I learned anything from this Closet Cure it's that I need to work on my bag game.

Shoe Count: 26
Bag Count: 3

New Shoe Count: 25 (-1)
New Bag Count: 3


  1. I have so many shoes & boots with matching purses & wallets. I'm a "matchy" person so my footwear & purse have to be co-ordinated with my outfit or outerwear. This is much harder than getting rid of clothes!

    1. True! It's almost like if you get rid of one, the matching one needs to go too haha