Monday, 28 January 2013

Dress Code

Spring/Summer Anticipation 

This dress code is more aimed towards spring/summer. This is because stores are starting to pull their winter items, and are bringing in the spring collections. Everything today is from Forever21.

 Floral love studs $4.80 - I am loving floral pattern for spring. The fact that they say love is even cuter. They also come in white and pink but the floral was too pale to make out on such a tiny item so I went bolder.
 Bejewelled Chain Necklace $7.80 - I have seen looking around for a large statement necklace like this. They have been popping up everywhere and are getting very popular. Most of the ones I saw were over 20$ so of course when I saw F21's version for 1/2 price I got it, and it looks just as great.

 Nautical Striped Faux Leather Tote $29.80 - When first shopping for an over sized bag, I had two choices. This one, or a bright neon yellow bag. I am so happy I got this one. I just love it even more every time I look at it. The nautical pattern for summer is so cute and the bag is well designed. Can't wait to start using this.
 Geo Pattern Bikini $28.60 - How cute is this? The pattern pops and the style is something I've never had before. It fits like a jewel and looks awesome.
Strappy Neon Bikini $28.60 - Last summer I was pretty skeptical about bra style bathing suit tops but they are all over the place now. I have come to realise that they are a good option for us bustier women.  The top comes with an optional neck strap as well. 



  1. I see items that you asked my opinion on before ordering :)
    LOL...I still would have bought the bright yellow bag though...that would have stood out on the beach!

    1. Its still on my wish list, plenty of shopping opportunities left before summer ;)

  2. Plus the yellow bag would match your car!!! LOL

  3. Everything you picked out is so darn cute and those are great prices. You have an eye for fashion