Monday, 14 January 2013

My Dream Room

Ever since getting my own place I have always has visions as to what it would like my bedroom to look like. Obviously, never achieving it as its always very expensive and items are hard to find. Not to mention I share a room with Anthony and he has completely different taste so we need to work together to agree on something. Today I am going all out and choosing the room for me. 

 My new obsession is walk in closets. In our apartment now, I have a tiny one, but since being given that privilege my mind was been wandering. I started looking around at some examples of other people walk in wonderlands. It seems as though these people have entire bedrooms dedicated to the closet - call it a dressing room. I just love the idea! When me and Anthony were looking at houses to buy, I had a small second bedroom as a must tucked in the back of my mind so I could create a dressing room like these:
 My basic wants for the room are many. I like the theme of dark cabinetry. Black or dark brown storing units with white walls to offset. A chandelier is a must, the more extravagant the better. I checked a few out at Costco and they've got some awesome bedazzled ones. If the floor is not carpeted I would love a giant rug right in the center. Probably something white and fluffy much like the one in the top photo, or even something with a pop of color. This room will require a large surface area of mirror at least floor to ceiling and wide as well. I don't have enough mirrors in my apartment. I can never see my entire outfit without sitting down which is why I am always sitting in my outfit pictures. I would also like to have a vanity station of some sort to do my hair and makeup. That way I can free up a lot of space in the bathroom. A super luxury would be to have the laundry services in there as well like the bottom photo. It would be so convenient to have the laundry where you change! no more lugging baskets up and down stairs, and when somethings dirty it can go into the machine, not the floor. The last item is a really great chair! I have been searching for the perfect chair for a while and I finally found it. 
Sadly, it is super expensive around $400, and that is way too steep for me. It is absolutely perfect though. *Sigh. 
I am also loving this couch! How cool. Love the pattern as well. It would fit so perfectly in my imaginary dressing room. 

I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to home ideas, check it out here.



  1. I love it! all women should have a room like this. If you are thinking about getting a 2 bedroom house get a 3 bedroom so you can have this room.

  2. I love my dressing's your old bedroom, lol!