Friday, 18 January 2013



Lately I have been craving cupcakes like nobodies business. We have quite a few luxury cupcake shops in the area as well. Are local owned stores who make their own cupcakes in such unique delicious flavours.

My three favourite shops are 1. The Sweetness Bakery 2. The Cupcake Diner and 3. Beyond the Batter Cupcakes. All have locations in Hamilton area. 

The Sweetness Bakery stays more with classical flavours, while Beyond the Batter has some crazy ones like "Watermelon Wave". I'd like to try that one! Today they have a maple bacon flavour on the shelf that I want to try so bad since watching Two Broke Girls. Sadly, I must refuse! The Cupcake diner is a on-the-move food truck that travels all over Hamilton area, mainly Ancaster.

 exploring The Cupcake Diner's website I saw that they do weddings and fell in love with the idea! If I am still in Hamilton when I EVER get married I am so having them with their awesome pink truck, giving out cupcakes to my guests. LOVE IT. Check out their great displays. 

Just wanted to throw in an image of the adorable cupcake packaging from Beyond the Batter. 

This blog is all over the place, my mind is scattered, but I needed to get some of this craving out there!



  1. and NOW thanks to you, I am craving cupcakes too... chocolate ones with gooey frosting... I saw a picture of a cute cupcake this morning that was yellow with a fresh strawberry pushed into the batter and baked.. looked so good.

  2. Go and get a maple bacon cupcake and try it for me! LOL...I love that combo so much that I even added bacon bits to my Canadian Maple donut from Tim Hortons :)