Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Cheers to a New Year

 Welcome to 2013 everyone !
At this time of year everyone has a list of resolutions and things they want to achieve in the new year. I don't really have one of those. I used to make them all time but never fully went through with anything, sadly. Like most people I want to in shape but I have no will power, and I just love eating good or bad. And I seriously cannot see myself giving up certain food items. Anthony got his gym membership renewed last month and wants me to go along with him. Right now the idea sounds great, im thinking "Ya, ill get in shape this year, and be at my best." blah blah. I usually never stick with my gym membership longer than two months. I am a FAILURE! How do I get the strength to keep going?
On a more positive note, another thing I would like to accomplish this year is travel somewhere outside of Ontario. There are plenty of places close by that wouldn't cost me a fortune. For example, I could do Alberta and visit the Edmonton mall. Or even go to Whistler for a snowboarding vacation. I also really want to visit New York! Wouldn't be amazing to be there in times square on new years eve? That is a life time goal for me. Even though there will be billions of people out there too - I just want to experience it.

I mean how brilliant is this image ^^^.... I'll even do New York any time of the year. I just need to go! And I thinks its only about 6 hours from me? I think.

These New Years themed desserts and drinks are awesome! I wanted to try them all out, but didn't have any time. It comes and goes so quickly, especially when you are working. Maybe next year.

 Well, here's to hoping we can stick with our resolutions/accomplishments for 2013. Good luck and happy new year.



  1. You are definitely not a failure! You are young, live life to it's fullest, worry about the rest later on :)

  2. I NEVER make resolutions anymore for the same reason as you... makes me feel like a failure ... so now I set small goals... and every small step works toward a bigger goal... I only tell people the small goals and keep the bigger goal my personal secret UNTIL I reach it and then I'll blab to the world.