Friday, 17 April 2015

Plato's Closet Haul

This week we went shopping at Plato's Closet again! This time I sold some of my used clothing to the store ($38 worth) and put it towards our purchases today. You know what they say...One mans trash is another mans treasure. 

Lululemon Skort   reg 58.00  $25.00
The very first item I spotted in store was this awesome athletic skort by Lululemon! First of all, the pattern is so cute and summery my eyes were drawn right in. Upon further examination I was pleased to find it was Lululemon and that it was this super adorable skirt. Then I discovered the built in running shorts. Jackpot! Now I can look super cute while running and not flash the entire world. FYI the ruffles are on the back of the skort.

Under Armour Wind Breaker $20.00
Lightweight athletic jackets or wind breakers have become my new favourite thing, especially with the warmer weather upon us. This is perfect when going to the gym each morning when it's still not quiet warm out but not wanting to wear my winter coat. It looks great with a pair of  athletic leggings and my runners. Not to mention super comfortable and flattering. I couldn't find a reference price on this one because it's probably from last year but I'm guessing it's close to $100 retail.

Billabong Beach Pants reg $48.00 $16.00
These pants are perhaps my favourite find. While browsing through pinterest lately I saw a spring outfit that I just adored and it involved a pair of these palazzo pants. I was thinking where the heck will I find a pair of those? Luckily enough just two days later I stumbled upon these. They actually had a couple pairs to choose from but I liked this pattern best. Tip: since the material is so lightweight and thin, lighter colours/patterns are see through! 

Black Maxi Skirt $8.00
A black maxi skirt is a staple item that I'm honestly surprised I don't already own. I have one that is black & white striped however. I knew going into the store that I wanted one and knew they'd have one in some variety. This style is exactly the one I wanted because its the same style and "build' and - TBH, brand - as my other two maxi's which I love. Not sure on a retail price for this but I'm guessing $12.00 so not much of a steal here but still something I really wanted!

Sheer Neon Blouse $4.00
This blouse was on clearance at Plato's (Clearance on already cheap prices - I know!) I got it for 50% off.  When I saw this I had an outfit idea in mind so you should except to see a style post for it within the next week. It's such a simple cute top. The back has a cut out screen as well, perfect for displaying laced bralettes or caged tops. Neon pops of colour are a huge trend this spring especially when paired with neutrals.

Nike $18.00Adidas Men's Superstar 2 reg $110.00 $20.00 / Under Armour Sandals $6.00
These are 3 pairs of shoes that Anthony purchased for himself.  He will soon have a larger shoe collection than me! He got some amazing deals on these items. I don't have reference prices for the Nike's or UA but the Adidas were like 90% off. Need I say more?!

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  1. That is quite the haul!!
    The skort is also perfect for bike riding :)
    Can't wait to see what top you wear with your palazzo pants.