Tuesday, 7 April 2015

DIY: Watercolor Mugs

On Easter me and my mom made watercolored mugs instead of painted eggs! This craft is great because it's something you can use year round and it's super easy. 
Nail Polish
Blank Mugs
Tooth Picks
Large Container
Warm Water
Paper Towel
Optional: Top Coat Spray Paint

Step One: Place drops of nail polish colours of your choice into container with luke warm water. Layer on as many colours are you like. Let the colours spread out enough to cover the surface area of one side of the mug (eyeball estimate this). Tip: You need to be a bit speedy with this step or use warmer water because if it cools down you won't be able to mix them to create the water colour effect.

Step Two: Use the tooth pick to mix the colours together to create the "marble" effect. Gently pull from the outer ring to towards the centre. You can even swirl the centre to get a swirl effect. Have fun with it and create the designs that you like! Tip: If the nail polish catches on your tooth pick and comes off the water, your water is too cold! Clear it out and start again with warmer water.
Step Three: Dip your mug into the water on top of your nail polish design and lift! Tip: You might want to wear gloves because sometimes I got nail polish design on the back of my hand. 

Step Four: Repeat step one, two and three on the other side.

Step Five: Use a paper towel to DAB off water droplets. DO NOT rub! Leave to dry for about 4 hours. 

Step Six: If you notice any imperfections that you don't like, or if you got some nail polish on the inside you can always use nail polish remover to clean it up. I did not. Also optional, you can spray them with a top coat spray paint.  Tip: If you don't do this, I would recommend gentle hand washing only.

Let me know if you try this out! It's actually super easy and so rewarding. They come out looking so pretty. We used Easter pastel colours but you could use any combinations you like. I can't wait to make more and try to get more creative with them.

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  1. I can't wait to do more with you. And with other items such as vases etc. like we talked about. We make a great team!