Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Dessert Accessories

Alright, I just have to share my newest obsession with you. Dessert & food inspired jewelry! It's all made from polymer clay and super precise design. I just want to eat them & wear them at the same time. 

These ones are from Bakery Charms and they offer free shipping to us & international with minimum purchase! They also offer a monthly subscription service for $20/month. I would love to receive cute little dessert jewelry surprises once every month. This website has unique items like dust plugs and even features holiday specific foods.

These next ones are from an Etsy store called My Mini Munchies. They have some really realistic foods like tacos, croissants and the ones I've pictured below. 

The last shop I am sharing with you is Cherry Dot Sweet Treats. I cannot explain my obsession with these Cheez It cufflinks. It literally make me want to eat Cheez Its.  This store has a big selection and a lot of best friend keychains. Super cute!

Well, if that didn't make you hungry you have will power! I need to learn how to make these ASAP. In the meantime, I will be buying a couple of these myself :) What ones are your favorites?