Monday, 13 April 2015

Boyfriend Jeans & Cats

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Cat Crop Top: Urban Planet
Boyfriend Jeans: Hollister color s/o
Sandals: Birkenstock
Belt: Forever21

Today I learnt a lesson. There is a reason why women wear boyfriend jeans with strappy heels...its because the jeans make you look super short! I made a mistake of wearing flat soled sandals with this. We were just out BBQ-ing so no one saw (hehe). Sidenote: I am not ashamed of my birks, I live in these things. I was trying to go for casual comfy without wearing leggings or sweats. I also learned that I need to position my face away from the sun because there is far too much squint going on.  On a better note, its finally spring-like here! It was ~20'C out yesterday and today, the rest  of the week is following suit.


  1. So jealous that it was warm enough to dress like that! I'll have to bring out my summer clothes in case it warms up here too :)

  2. I hope it stays like this until summer arrives