Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Why I Love My Job...


I am going to share a few of the reasons I love my job. This is no where near all the reasons, but lately a few great things have happened so I shall share them.

The first two images were my Christmas gift from NTVH (Vet Strategy company). This was by far the best gift I've gotten from the workplace. I received a personalized mug that says my clinic and my name on the other side. I love it! It makes me feel more like a part of something when you get personalized "swag" from work. Along with that came a $75.00 gift card for a restaurant of choice from the list on the card, and a $25.00 Cineplex gift card for the movies.

The card is awesome because its also personalized for our clinic. They somehow managed to put a dog on the front and have it say "Happy Holidays from Vet Strategy". Pretty impressive.
The next set of photo's I want to share was a thank you gift from a client. Sadly, we had to euthanize this families dog due to serious life threatening conditions out of the blue so it was really tough on the family. They were so nice as to send us a thank you card and some flowers a week later.
& the inside...
Hopefully you can read the card, I couldn't figure out how to rotate my image once it was on here. The card was addressed to myself and Dr. Brown, as we saw this dog on one of the overnight shifts. Some gorgeous purple and yellow flowers to follow. We have this on display at the front reception but the card is kept in the staff room because its more personal. 

More reasons Why I Love My Job to come because it keeps getting better everyday! 



  1. So proud of the work you do Desiree! From the first day of college, I've loved hearing about all your cases, even the ones with sad outcomes because I learn just how hard you work to save lives. You really should blog more about life behind the surgery doors so others can get a view of the role a emergency care vet tech plays alongside their vet :)

    1. I keep wanting too, I just always forget to get images to go along with cases. I will make it a priority to get some pictures of my best/interesting cases.

  2. There is nothing better than to do what you love in life. It sounds like you found a wonderful place to work that appreciates there employees and show it. What a sweet family to send such a wonderful thank you for your compassion when they are grieving. I wish you continue success and happiness.