Sunday, 17 February 2013

4 Great Recipes

I have been saving up these photo's for a couple weeks. These are four homemade recipes we have put together.

Slow cooked beef, potatoes and carrots
This needs a better more creative name, what do you call this sort of meal? This recipe was super easy and I loved it because I got to use my crock pot. We just chopped up some stewing beef, potatoes, onions, and carrots and put them in the pot covering with water. Anthony added some spices while it was cooking, I am not positive what he used but I think he used vegetable seasoning, and steak spice. After four hours of cooking on high I drained the water from the pot, but reserved 1 cup of liquid to make gravy. I just used packaged powder gravy but instead of adding plain water, I added the 1 cup of broth from the crock pot. It turned out great. This meal was amazing. Closest thing to a "home cooked" meal for me. Felt just like something my mom would make. 

Dorito Taco Salad
This one was my favourite of course. I love food of this genre. Taco, burrito, quesedilla, etc. I guess it falls under Mexican food. Doesn't hurt that I made it with Doritos which are to die for! So again, this is really easy. All my recipes are easy because I am a beginner cook and need easy directions to cook by myself. sometimes I am still asking my mom questions/tips. So I browned 2lb of ground beef and drained all the fat. Then added a package of taco seasoning and 1/2 cup water, simmer for 10 minutes. In the meantime, prepare all toppings. I used typical lettuce, tomato and cheese. I don't have set quantities, as I really just used what I had left in the fridge so nothing would go bad. I filled a decent sized bowl so just crushed some Doritos to equally fit the bowl. Once meat is done, stir all ingredients together. I topped mine off with some salsa and sour cream. So good :) 

 Anthony's homemade burgers
Now... I don't have the secret recipe to his burgers, but I know it involved a bunch of different seasonings and spices, as I've seen him prepare this but I don't know which ones. He also uses bread crumbs when making his burgers. I just thought they looked so colourful and perfect I needed to share them. Burgers are 
generally pretty easy to make so I am sure you don't need a recipe. How do you like your burgers?

 Cheesy Mushroom Chicken & Pasta
This meal was fun to create. We had a bunch of ingredients in the fridge that were very close to expiring so we pulled them all out and created something. We had chicken, mushrooms, and pasta sauce that really needed to be used up. So obviously enough, I made some quick pasta with sauce and left Anthony to deal with the rest. He came up with this. A chicken breast with cheez whiz and mushrooms in the middle. OMG this was so good. The cheez whiz baked comes out so creamy and the mushrooms give a good boost of flavor. For a meal that was thrown together with expiring foods, I'd say it turned out pretty awesome. 



  1. Everything looked sooo good! You & Anthony make a great team in the kitchen...I can picture you guys in a tv cooking competition for young couples...and winning it :)

    Soon you won't need to be asking me any more questions, you'll have it all figured out, but I'll miss that though.

    I definitely want to try that cheesy mushroom chicken and the only thing I'd do differently on the burger would be to melt the cheese.

    This blog made me VERY hungry and it's only 7am!

  2. All those look amazing,next time you visit,you'll have to cook!

  3. You and Anthony can come cook at my house anytime... I used to love cooking but now that I am on a restricted diet I HATE cooking.. So when someone cooks for me I thoroughly enjoy the meal... I really like the look of your crock pot stew.