Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Healthy Snacks

Good afternoon! 

My internal clock is all messed up, it feels like dinner time and its only 2. These night shifts take their toll.  3 more shifts to go. So me and Anthony have been eating healthier lately and made two healthy snacks I wanted to share. Mostly because I haven't cooked anything in a while and this is as close as it gets. Usually we just have meat and a veggie - very boring stuff. 

The recipe is for protein cookies. These were more for Anthony's sake, as he drinks/eats a lot of protein, but also helped me with my sweet cravings. The recipe is super simple and easy. 

4 scoops of protein (any flavour, we used chocolate peanut butter)
1 3/4 cup of oatmeal
1 cup of apple sauce
1/2 cup of egg whites

Mix all ingredients together, cook for 15 mins on 350. These are good post workout if you don't want to drink a whole protein shake.

The next recipe is for sweet potato chips.  We were getting bored of plain bland veggies so went for something new. I am usually not a huge fan of sweet potato's but Anthony insisted, and they are better than normal potatoes when it comes to healthy eating. 

1 large sweet potato
Seasoning salt
smouldering smoked apple wood spice
olive oil

slice into small pieces, not too thick. lightly coat in oil and apply seasonings. Cook for 35 mins on 400. 

I actually enjoyed these, it was likely from the spices though. 



  1. I love that smouldering smoked applewood...use it on alot of stuff. Another one you might like is a hot one that Dad uses called blazin' pepper bourbon.

  2. I would probably put cayenne pepper on my sweet potato chips... I have a sweet potato in the fridge just waiting for me to make some fries but I think I'll try your recipe.... Also I'm wondering what brand of protein powder do you use... I've been looking for an orange flavored protein powder to make smoothies with.

    1. We buy ours from www.bodybuilding.com , they have a lot of different brands that each offer different flavours. Anthony usually does the ordering and he said he thinks he recalls coming across an orange cream flavour once. Currently, we have a brand called muscle pharm, but they don't have the orange one.

  3. Thanks for the info... I don't want to build my body but just find a high protein drink for days when I don't feel like eating... I've seen powders for gaining weight ( don't want that) and don't think I want bulging muscles either. LOL I'll check out your link.

    1. Not all of it is designed for "body building" that is just their name, as its aimed for fitness enthusiasts. We just buy normal protein - like whey protein - powder, they have tons of options. If it will make you gain weight or build muscle it will say. So just read the descriptions :)

  4. Those cookies sure look enticing... Thank you so much for the info... I am definitely going to check it out.. There are mornings when I just don't feel like eating breakfast but I would drink something so a smoothie sounds perfect.