Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dress Code Part 2

So here it is, finally. It took me almost a month to do this. I am such a procrastinator. These items I got the same time as my last dress code so I wanted to do them close together, but didn't want them in the same post as it would e too long and boring. I kinda pushed it to the side and here I am a month later doing it. I guess its a good thing though because I won't be getting new stuff for a while since I am not allowing myself to spend for a while. I need to save up some money and get my account in high standings and pay off some bills. 

so all the items in this post are from 

Polka dot tube top $21.95.  I am loving all things peplum style. Plus the navy and white is very nautical which as I have mentioned a million times - I love. This top is so adorable, can't wait to wear this. Sadly we have 3 ft of snow, so it looks like summer is a long ways away.

 Aztec print tank $5.95 - Aztec print is another pattern that is in my love book. This one is extra cute because the back has lace details. 
Ribbed henley tank $5.95 - Love the plain laid back look of a grey henley, I love even more that its tank style and not long sleeve. I don't wear too many long sleeves unless its a looser sweater, tight arm sleeves bother me.
Folded maxi skirt $18.95 - This year I am into maxi skirts/dresses. Gojane has this skirt in many many colours and you can also unfold it and wear it as a dress too. I chose the yellow colour as I love yellow. Sadly, when I got it home, it was see through, so I will need to get myself a slip for underneath or wear it only at the beach. 

Again, these are all mostly clothing for spring/summer as most winter items are getting taken off the shelves :(  Probably won't see another one of these for at least a month unless I get some good pay checks haha.



  1. I love that aztec top!!!!

    LOL...and you got your love of maxi skirts & dresses from me...been wearing them if you didn't know that :)

  2. Those are too cute and great prices. Too bad you and Anna don't live closer you two have so much in common. Anna loves the nautical too