Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My Dressing Room

Hello Everyone!

I have been so eager to post this and share with you my project I have been working on for about a month. I can fully blame Pinterest for sparking this idea to me and have dreamt about it since I moved out on my own. We happen to have a spare bedroom now in our townhouse and Anthony gave me the green light to convert it into my own little paradise.

So, without further adieu, I present to you....MY DRESSING ROOM

My Vanity

This handy little hot tool holder is from Amazon {similar}. It's a great invention,...you can leave your tools resting in the holders while they heat up and once your done just unplug and leave them hanging to cool down.

I want to put something on the backdrop of the desk. Perhaps a mirror or a picture/poster. It looks too bare at this point. 

All these awesome acrylic organization containers are just from the dollar store! A perfect way to display all my lip products, pencils, palettes and brushes. They have different styles to display all your makeup.  And of course I have my laptop for blogging, makeup/hair tutorials, and outfit inspo. 

My shoe rack is a little sad. Ideally,  I would have liked to display them all on floating shelves, or even individually in a cubic shelf but I have little space and didn't want to drill into these walls. There is a good chance I will upgrade the shoe rack situation in the future.

"The Closet"
Eeeee, isn't this just a beautiful sight? I love walking into this room and seeing all my pieces out in the open. It makes it super easy to see everything you have and offers great opportunity to put together outfits. No more forgotten wardrobe pieces! The two clothing racks I have are from Walmart, they are super sturdy and can clearly hold a lot of weight. I loveee that they are two tiered so I can fit pants and skirts on one rack without all the wasted lower space. Plus they are super affordable!
I will show you how I made the photo's hanging on my wall. It's a very simple and inexpensive way to decorate the room and leave a big impact.


This DIY polaroid clothesline is one of my favourite DIY projects ever! It was also super easy and fun to do! As time goes on I will continue to fill up the line with more pictures. AND you don't need a polaroid camera to achieve this - I will show you how!
Jewelry Organization

Once upon a time I had a very pretty unique jewelry tree that my dad built for me where I elegantly hung all my jewelry. Unfortunately I also have a very mischievous, nice-thing-ruiner cat named Mae West who thought it would be fun to jump on said tree. Needless to say, it all came crashing down and many of the tree branches broke, and the frame that held it together. so I had to create something else. Now, I am not nearly as talented as my dad so I got this thread organizer from Michaels instead. I just hang all my necklaces off the pegs. It's not the easiest way to see all the pendants and styles but it works for me. I also got these two (once was three) bracelet display racks. I keep all my bracelets, anklets and watches on the top and the bottoms have little dishes where I store my earrings and rings. There's a tiny little heart shaped box in the back (you might see it hidden among the bracelets) where I keep all my belly button rings.  I am still currently brain storming a better way to display my perfumes but for now they are just laid out on this wooden palette that matches the colour of the thread stand. Hey, if you have any ideas I'm open to suggestions!

Stay tuned for a blog post where I will show you how I created some of the DIY stuff in this room!

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  1. I love it! I need some of those clothes racks too. Hey, don't you have a selection of wallets and purses and tote bags, etc.?

  2. I just saw your photo on instagram (which is much bigger) and I can see you've got your fave new booties on a pedestal...awesome!!!