Tuesday, 9 June 2015

DIY Projects

DIY Polaroid Clothesline

This project is my favourite and love that I can forever redesign it. I have chosen to display my #OOTD photos from Instagram on here but you can display whatever photos you like.  I just thumb-tacked some twine string in a straight line. TIP: make the string taut because once you add the clothespins it sags a lot, so any slack will make it sag too much. I bought a bag of basic wooden clothespins from the dollar store to attach the pictures. It's that simple! 

The website I used to create the polaroid effect is called Picmonkey. I just saved my already edited Instagram photos to my computer then uploaded them to this free online program. Once you upload your photo, choose the frame effect section. Then choose Polaroid Frame. It automatically fades the photo and rotates it. You can play with the level of fade and rotation if you like. I made all mine straight and lightened the fading a little bit. Once your done just save the image. Now, to print them the size of polaroids I resized my images to 2.4 inches width, and let the length adjust on its own. 

The clothes line is currently not full but as time goes on I will post more of my #OOTD on the line. 

DIY Shadowbox

This is a very simple project to do. I wasn't overly pleased with how it turned out and debated just tossing it. I got my inspiration from this Pinterest post (shocking). The only reason I don't like it is because my white glitter kinda glistens green. I have a lot of fake lashes hanging around and I don't use them so I decided to make this instead. All you need to do is glue a couple sets of lashes to a white piece of paper then insert it into a shadowbox. This one is from the dollar store, $2. I spray painted it black then sprinkled what was supposed to be white glitter on the wet paint.  Once it dries your good to go. I recommend testing out your glitter first so you don't get green like I did ! The one on Pinterest is much nicer, are we surprised?

DIY Wall Decor

I love these wall art pictures. It was obviously so simple and it's fun to choose quotes and pictures that fit your theme.  I chose my favourite fashion/beauty quotes and images to display. You can search for inspiration on Google or Pinterest just by searching "_____ quotes". I got these frames from the dollar store at $3 each. It's a bit expensive because it adds up, especially if you frame the entire room like I did. You can chose a much cheaper frame too but I like how large these ones were, and the picture is sunken back almost like a shadowbox and I really liked that style.

DIY Skirt Hangers

I ran into a dilemma when I was transferring all my clothes from drawers onto the rack. I didn't want to have to buy 20+ skirt/pant hangers because for some reason they were $3/each at the dollar store, or 3/$10 at Walmart. I'm trying to do this room on a budget! So I went to the dollar store to create my own. I was ecstatic when I found these girly plastic clothes pins. I was a bit worried they wouldn't be strong enough to hold up shorts especially denim. I bought them anyways and with two clothespin on each hanger the garments aren't going anywhere! Instead of having to pay $60+ for pant hangers I made my own with a $3 bag of clothespins!

Other Tricks

I got the hot pink flower for Christmas from Anthony's mom and it's a neat way to hang up your scarves. You just simply loop your scarves through the holes and voila. The black one is from the dollar store and it's designed to hang belts but I used it to hang up my basic tank tops and wife beaters.  It's a great space saver and also hanger saver. 

You can use bright printed and patterned boxes to store miscellaneous stuff to avoid clutter. I have a bunch of tights stored in this one. I just tucked it underneath one of the garment racks.


  1. Your diy projects have inspired me to do some of my own. Do you have any hats that you are displaying in your dressing room? Hats & purses are the accessories I need ideas for :)

    1. I only have one hat and it's jut draped on the edge of one of the racks - nothing fancy. I haven't come up with anything for purses yet, mine are just on hooks on the back of my door.