Monday, 15 June 2015

DIY Weed Killer

Let me just start by saying this recipe was the answer to my prayers! The weeds in my yard just sprung one day and won't go away. Coco enjoys the backyard and tends to graze grass like a cow so there's no way I cold use a chemical weed killer. This recipe is pet friendly! [disclaimer: pet friendly does not mean feed it to your pets, but if your dog happens to lick it, that's alright]

1. Empty Spray Bottle
2. 1G White Vinegar
3. 1/2 cup of Salt
4. Liquid Dish Soap

Pour salt into empty spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle up with the vinegar. This container of vinegar was just enough to fill the entire spray bottle.  Then add a squirt of dish soap. Mix it all together.  You need to do this on a hot day so the weeds can get dried out, it probably won't work if you've got rain in the forecast. Saturate the weeds to DEATH! I used the entire bottle on my small backyard, don't be shy. 

Here's a few picture of my out-of-control weeds!

Spray away! Or get your boyfriend to do it...


Here's the aftermath....

So it definitely shriveled them down to nothing. Looks much better now especially in the cracks between patio stones. However, now I have a backyard full of dead weeds. I'm not sure if I should pull them all now because I don't want fresh new ones to grow. Anyone with experience have any recommendations? 


  1. I commented and it disappeared... drats... I had said that you may have just gotten the leaves to die but pull them up anyway.. also there may have been little seeds that will be sprouting and you will have to do it over again... just keep spraying when they come up.. and if it was dandelions I swear their roots go all the way to China.. I said more than that but can't remember what all I wrote now..

    1. Thanks for the tips Louise! Ugh I hate dandelions, they won't go away!

  2. There will always be weeds. Even if you get the roots too when you pull them out, others will show up. As soon as you see some sprouting, spray them or you'll be overrun with them again.