Friday, 20 March 2015

Burger Review: Kelsey's

Messy Fish Sandwich
The Expectation:

The Reality:

"Wild North Pacific cod fillet brew-battered in house and fried to perfection. Topped with creamy coleslaw, fresh tomato slices, shredded lettuce and zesty tartar sauce on a rustic bun. "

comments: plain tasting, but not over powered with flavours or spices. Exactly what I expected from a fish sandwich which is why I gave it 4 stars. I had extra tartar sauce on mine because I love it. Very filling, definitely not stingy with the fish portions. 

The codfather of sandwiches!

Review by: Anthony


  1. Wow, that really looks like a messy meal...but sometimes they are the best ones! much of the sandwich fell out onto the plate while trying to eat it?
    Good job Anthony...looking forward to your next review :)

    1. Its called the Messy Sandwich for a reason ;)

  2. BTW, Desiree....the "prove I am not a robot" function is still there...but now you just have to click the box and then hit publish again and it does it without needing to type in a code :)

  3. Looks really good and now I want one... Good job Anthony!! You should go into advertising. Not sure where I would get a fish sandwich around here, unless I made my own..

    1. There's gotta be a restaurant near you that makes them!