Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Top 5 Spring Rain Boots

With yesterday being the first day of spring I thought I would do a spring inspired fashion wish list for springs most important staple...Rain boots!

1. Joules EVEDON $167.00 / 2. Kamik Jennifer Boot $79.99 / 3. Hunter Original Short Gloss Rain Boot $155.00 / 4. Hunter Asymmetric Color Block Boot $210.00 / 5. Joules WELLYPRINT $69.00

Why did I choose these 5? The first pair of boots are epitome of classic girly and I want them so bad. The Kamik boots come in all sorts of different vibrant spring colors and they are all so perfect. Nothing says perfect rain boots more than a bright yellow pair, am I right? Next, I love this swing on the classic Hunter boot. I've tried on a pair of original talls and with bigger feet it's a bit overwhelming. This color block pattern breaks up the appearance of a long boot and would help flatter larger feet. And finally a cute print/pattern was needed. Of course I chose one with dogs all over. It's easy to find a pair with anything that expresses your tastes.



  1. Replies
    1. They come in awesome shades or pink and purple too!

  2. I'm digging those color block boots #4

  3. Yup hon....definitely the yellow ones.Usually a yellow duck would be wearing them.

  4. Hey there, Desiree! Love your blog design. Very unique and cute!

    I'd have to say boots #1 and #4 are my favorites here. I'm typically not a very girly person, but what can I say.. They're nice boots lol. Can never go wrong with a yellow pair, though! ;)

    All the best,