Saturday, 14 March 2015

Platos Closet Haul : His/Her Athletic Edition

It's a new haul! It's been so long since I've done one. This time it's a his/her haul for athletic apparel. Me & Anthony went to a store called Platos Closet and stocked up on athletic wear for our new gym commitment (2 months strong). Platos Closet is like a second hand store but only for current trends and top brands, and all clothing is in at least 4/5 condition. The prices are just amazing, check out what we got!

1. Under Armour Long Sleeve $10 reg 39.99 here
2. 2 Under Armour T Shirts $10/each reg 27.99/each here

3. Nike Long Sleeve $10 reg 32.00 similar
4. Diadora T Shirt $6 reg unknown

5. Under Armour Sweater $18 reg 64.99 here
6. Under Armour Tank $10 reg 29.99 here

Anthony's Finds: $74 worth ~$243

1. Sports Bra $6 reg unknown
2. Adidas Tank $8 reg unknown

3. Puma Track Jacket $16 reg 52.00 random source
4. Adidas Long Sleeve $6 reg 60.00 here

5.Nike Sweater $20  reg 79.99 similar
6. Under Armour Tank $12 reg 29.99 similar

7. Adidas Capris $10 reg unknown
8. Under Armour Leggings $20 reg 49.99 similar

 9. Champion Leggings $10 reg 35.00 similar
10. MPG Capris $10 reg unknown

Desiree's Finds: $118 worth ~$389


  1. Great finds!! I am a new fan of sports bras. All my life I've had trouble keeping bra straps on my shoulders and it's so irritating during workouts. Now I'm wearing them all the time around the house because they are so comfy :)

    1. I haven't worn a normal bra is a few years lol unless i need to wear a fancy low cut dress. Never going back ahah

  2. I'm speechless, what a fantastic place to shop for athletic clothing. Great job!