Thursday, 7 May 2015

Burger Review: Crazy Horse Restaurant

Signature 12OZ Fire Cracker Burger

The Expectation:

The Reality:

"12 oz homemade burger stuffed with jalapenos, bacon, topped with crispy fire onions, Havarti cheese, served on a rosemary & cheddar bun"


Comments: We don't have an expectation photo for this burger because its a local privately owned restaurant but when the plate was placed in front of Anthony I could tell he was excited! This is like the ultimate man burger... Beef, cheese, fried onions, bacon and deep fried jalapenos! He had no complaints for this dish other than the price, but it was expected because we were on a resort.

Review by: Anthony


  1. I love when they present without the bun on top ... that way you get to soak in the view before tasting it :P

    1. Exactly, you get to see the guts :P