Monday, 5 November 2012

Tis The Season

Yes, I am talking about Christmas. I recently went home to visit my parents and they gave me a bunch of christmas decorations and a tree for my apartment. When I returned home, they just sat in boxes on my living room floor due to lack of space for storage, so we decided to decorate a bit early! I love Christmas, so I didn't protest.

Lots of photos in this post. I find it hard to capture a christmas tree how it looks in person. It is never the same on film. you can either get a good image of the ornaments but no lights come through, or you get all the great colors of the lights but can't see any ornaments. I had this problem again, so I took a few on different camera modes.

 We dont have a tree topper yet. We are going to pick one out later in the month. We are thinking of going with classical angel.

 Still one hook left for Aeries stocking - we need to go pick her one up. It will be her first Christmas !
 You can see my Hello Kitty advent calendar on the chair in the background :)
Not really liking the way this looks, but so much manly junk around not sure how to make it look better.

Everything looks so much better in person, and when the lights are off and all the decorations + tree are glowing. It really puts me in the Christmas mood. 50 days left!



  1. OMG, that is amazing!! Great job guys!! And it makes me happy to see my decorations making your new home look so Christmasy :)

  2. Beautiful!!! And Cheryl, by sharing your Christmas decorations with Des, it gives you reason to buy new stuff for yourself, right???? Method in your madness there, girl!!!!