Thursday, 8 November 2012

Cheesy Enchilada Bake

I cooked again tonight! On tonights menu is "Layered Enchilada Bake". Another recipe that includes Black beans, I love them. Alot of the stuff I mke seems to be in the same category. Its usually always a casserole of some sort, and it involves meat, veggies and cheese in some way. Today's followed nicely. The base is made of tortilla's then a layer of meat/salsa mixture, sour cream and cheese & repeat for another layer. Mine didnt cut quite like the one in the photo example. Mine kinda looks like a sloppy mess on the plate BUT it was still delicious!

On another note, I think I am finally settled into my new job. That is, until something complicated and scary comes in and im thrown out of my comfort zone, which has actually happened 50% of the shifts I work. Things are pretty exciting there though. I am loving it. I am always busy on my feet doing something - such a change from sitting at a reception desk 10 hours a day and maybe taking a few calls.



  1. I see you put my old casserole dish to good use! Don't feel bad about the food coming out perfectly, lol, none of mine ever does but it still tastes delicious right?

    I am so glad that you got the job at is your dream come true...being hands on in helping save pets' lives :)

  2. Here is some info regarding why our food doesn't look like what is in the recipe book or magazine ( they have quite a few tricks listed such as using white glue, spray deodorant, blow torches, etc...Check out the link : A peek behind the kitchen door would reveal the sometimes bizarre tools of the food photography trade that transform fresh baked brownies and juicy crown roasts into science fair projects masquerading as culinary delights. Food is among the more difficult of subjects for photographers. The laws of nature guarantee it: Hot foods cool, moist foods dry out, frozen foods melt especially fast under hot lights, vegetables wilt, and fruit turns brown. But determined food photographers rise to these challenges with their extraordinarily inventive bag of tricks.

    And yes, that includes motor oil, spray deodorant and and brown shoe polish…