Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lip Factory August

1. Cult Nails Lacquer in Disciplined - This is my least favourite product this month, and it might not even get used. I am not a fan of the colour. Its a really washed out blue with glitter in it. I would need several coats to get a good finish and looks sort of sloppy to me. I wish I would have gotten one of the colours they show in the leaflet, those were much more wearable. 

2. Medusa's Makeup Stick It Eye Primer - Lip Factory uses this brand a lot, would have been nice to see different ones but over all I don't care because I like this product. I have been meaning to get an eye primer for my shadow so this is perfect. I haven't tried it out yet so I'm not sure on the quality but fingers crossed that it wrks good!

3. Pink Powder Parlor lipstick in #720 - AH I love this lipstick. This is by far my favourite item this month. The colour is just so adorable. It's like the perfect bubblegum pink colour. This is not a shade I have either. Cannot stress how happy I am with it. 

4. Red Cherry False lashes in #110 Black - Fake lashes are something I am a noob about. They look so awesome on other people when they wear them that I want to try so bad. I have a feeling I will be terrible at applying them because it looks hard. I have a wedding coming up at the end of the month I might try these out, or even for my birthday. The style of lash doesn't look too dramatic or costume so they just might work, especially for a noobie. 

5. LASplash Mineral Blush in Ring of Fire - This is such a pretty colour in the container. I swatched it on my hand and its still pretty. Its def a bit deep and dark for a blush but might work well for winter months with very natural minimal eye makeup, then a pop of colour on the cheeks. The colour is too pretty to not give it a chance.

6. LASplash Lip Lacquer in Barely There  - Another repeat brand product - that's okay because I like it. The colour is the perfect strawberry milkshake pink. It would actually layer over the lipstick nicely for a glossy finish.  It's a very easily wearable colour. 

Overall, I am certainly pleased with my box this month. Last month I was considering cancelling my subscription but I am happy I stayed on board. I decided that if I get two boxes in a row I don't like then I will discontinue. I don't want to stop then miss a really good box! 



  1. LOL..everytime you get a new lipstick, it's your fave :P

    1. Its true. I'm apparently extremely indecisive, or easily impressed lol

  2. Super jealous of your colors! My mineral blush is soooooo shimmery. And my lip gloss is really sparkly and child-like. Not a fan.
    I looove false eyelashes. Pain in the ass but look so awesome. Definitely give it a shot.
    Glad you loved yours!

    1. What a bummer :( Sounds like makeup designed for 10 year old.