Friday, 27 September 2013

Fall Decor 2013

Today I am going to show you my decor, some of it was recycled from last year with a few minor touches, some was newly purchased, and lots of it I just made. 

Check out last years decor here:

I just bought this adorable cable knit candle holder this week. It was from Bath & Body Works. I am obsessed with the cable knit pattern this fall. I am hunting for the perfect white chunky cable knit sweater for myself. I am going to get smaller candles soon but they need to covered candles because the holder will get ruined so for now it has this oversized one in it.

Isn't this guy cute?! He is from Dollarama from the Halloween section. I think he is supposed to be a scary thing, but I quite like it and thought it would look nice with some sunflowers to make the eyes pop.

This pumpkin cage is from last year, I just filled it with some fake pumpkins and gourds, pinecones, and random twigs and pieces. I bought two fall scent candles from Bath & Body works. They are called Harvest Coffee & Heirloom Pear. The scents I really wanted were called Leaves & Marsh mellow fireside. They were sold out of both in the large size so I got a coupon and will go back later in the month to try again.

 This harvest basket was also from year but this time I added in some feathers from the craft section at the dollar store. 

This is my sad attempt at an embroidered pumpkin. I really wanted to get a bigger white pumpkin and some designs with gems but couldn't find at a decent price. So this was my compromise.

This display is another from last year. I am using a Chocolate scented candle for the piece and it smells amazing. 

The next item is new. I made it today. I don't really know what to call it, but lets say it's an autumn garland. You can also see my wine bottle vase from last year here too. Here's a close up:
 So the design is pretty self explanatory. I got everything from the dollar store :)

Another DIY project. I just bought 4 canvas boards from the dollar store and painted on some lettering, very simple and cheap and it looks awesome! 

The final item is this little black pumpkin. I just stabbed a fake leave through the stem to add some character. I know a pumpkin would never grow a maple leaf but I think it looks super cute! 

Happy Autumn Everyone ! 

Xoxo D

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  1. Excellent job Desiree!! Your place looks just as festive as ours does.
    BTW...I saw cable knit cardigans on sale in the Bargain Shop! flyer :)