Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Weekly Instagram Recap # 4

This one is a huge one. Because you know I have been slacking really hard in the month of June.  This recap basically covers the last three weeks of june, so basically the whole thing. 

1. OOTD Plus Heart Lace Nail Art
2. Flowers On My Desk At Work
3. Brand New Bedding
4. At The Hamilton Pier 
5. Selfie Taken @ Sushi
6. Sushi!
7. Pool is Finally Open
8. The Two Girls Sleeping With Me After Surgery
9. OOTD for Poolside
10. Polka Dot Nail Art
11. Aeries is the Best Cuddler
12. 12 hour old kittens!

1 comment:

  1. Love how you have bright flowers on your desk at work...perfect way to "summerize" an overnight shift :)

    LOL...and you know I am going awwww at those cute kittens!