Wednesday, 3 July 2013

3 Delicious Foods

What is with all this gloomy weather? Sure doesn't feel like summer to me! It rained all day Canada Day so we didn't even get to go to the beach to celebrate. Its already July 3 and we haven't been to the beach once, and only used the pool once. This is ridiculous. So instead of Canada Day pictures, I leave you with food pictures instead!

Loaded Mashed Potato Balls
This was delicious to eat, but VERY messy to make. Its neat that they are in cute ball form, but that's the messy part. Probably best to just eat them in normal mashed form. All you need to do is mash some potatoes, add green onion, bacon and cheese. For the ball form you make fist sized balls but hide cheese on the inside! Making the potato balls is tricky. It gets all over your hands then you need to roll them in egg and that's even more messy. BUT SOO GOOD.

 Bunless Chili Cheese Dogs
Omg, I cannot express how amazing these were.  Just your average CC Dog but no filling bun. Just a light tortilla wrap. When making these I wrapped some chili and cheese in with the dog and then added more on top because I am disgusting like that. I LOVE CC DOGS!

Homemade Pizza 
Tonight, we made our own pizza! With a simple crust using flour, yeast, water and salt that I will admit, Anthony made. My pizza had pizza sauce (obv) mushrooms, green peppers, pepperoni and tons of cheese. Can you see the pattern in all my recipes? 

As you can see, I do not make the most healthiest of food choices :( 



  1. Everything looks amazingly delicious! LOL...cheese cheese cheese...can't go wrong...especially if you use a low fat version :)

  2. You could come here and practice all sorts of recipes.. I'll be your guinea pig... LOL