Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Save A Life

Hello again, I fell out of the blogging world again for almost a month. But I am back with a bunch of images I have collected this month. The set of pictures I will show you are not nice images. I hope no one is offended by them and you shouldn't look if you don't like "gross" images. This is a cat we got from animal control. She was found outside, no idea what happened. Two guesses are either extreme cat fight or some sort of mechanical trauma. The first photo is when we got the cat on presentation. Her wounds were massive and deep, and the tissue surrounding was not healthy any longer.
 Under a heavy sedation I was able to clip her fur and clean up around the wounds. Followed by flushing of the wounds. The doctor then started to put her back together by suturing the larger wounds and leaving the smaller open to heal on their own.
 This is the poor girl on recovery. She was the sweetest little thing. Never once did she complain or try to scratch. She just wanted us to help her. Her face was too precious <3 
 That day we saved a life. She had originally come in for euthanasia ordered by the officer who found her as they didn;t think she could be helped. We all disagreed. Happy to say she is doing great, and will be up for adoption once her wounds heal.
 A few weeks ago me and Anthony went on a nature walk in Waterdown and it led to this nice waterfall.  We got some great shots until my camera died :( I love being outside in the fall weather.
 A hello from Mae West not looking to impressed actually. ...
 And a "feed me" from Aeries. She always puts her paw in her dish when its time for me to feed her!
The is the clinic cat Gideon from my new job at BVEC. He is quite a character and really hilarious. He probably shouldn't be in the med cupboard but I had to snap a photo first.

I have been at my new job for almost two weeks now and its still so intimidating. Much different than regular practice. I feel like a new grad all over again and I can't remember anything. Its going to be a tough transition but I fell like I am really going to like it. Once I get settled in and am off training I will actually have a bit more time off than I did having to work 7 days a week to bring in a good pay check. Now I can work 4 days a week and make the same.  Right now I still feel like I am super busy all the time. Sometimes there are times when I am bored at home, but I don't to do anything. I get stuck in a lazy haze and just want to sleep. Then on the flip side of that I don't want to sleep because that means my day off will be over and ill have to go back to work in the morning.

Halloween is just around the corner ! I got my costume ready and will not reveal it until halloween itself. All I can say is that I am super excited for it, and I hope my artistic skills can pull through.



  1. Way to go proud of you! I hope you named the cat Precious, it suits her :)

    LOL...I can be bribed with chocolate if anyone wants to know what your halloween persona is.

  2. Good Job Desiree and the pictures were not gory at all.... but then I am used to delivering calves and seeing prolapsed uterus, etc... Just glad the kitty was allowed to live and I wish I lived close enough to adopt it.

  3. Well Done Hon,that's what it's all about! Good stuff.

  4. It's wonderful for the animals to have extraordinary people like you to take care of them. The kitty is adorable.I agree with your mom that,Precious is a great name for her.