Sunday, 19 July 2015

Effortlessly Chic

Top: Ardene
Skirt: Windsor
Hat: Brandy Melville {similar}

This weekend we had a Button Family beach day. I had a completely different (AND NEW) outfit in mind but since I got a really bad leg burn kayaking on Thursday I had to change it up and wear something to cover my legs. Thus this compilation of frequently wore pieces. This sort of outfit is my go to in summer. Maxi skirt, some sort of crop top and a floppy hat. So effortlessly chic. P.S I love me some tousled beach waves in the hair.


  1. I'll have to learn how to do those beach waves!

    1. Step 1 : Go swimming
      Step 2: Let it air dry, no brushing.

      The wind helps, and natural wave. They sell beach wave spray products to help.