Wednesday, 24 December 2014

OOTD: Festive Reindeer

Sweater: Meijers
Skirt: Stitches
Black tights
Boots: -old unsure-

One more day until Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve mostly on the road up north. Even though I was going to be spending 6-7 hours in my Jeep I still wanted to dress festive. I bought this sweater back in October/Nov I think, with plans to wear it over the holidays.  Sorry I don't have links for anything. I got the sweater in the states at a "superstore" and they don't have a shopping website. The skirt was on super clearance and no longer available - I think I paid $3-5. 



  1. It is a nice comfy wear anywhere kinda held up well for the long drive, you looked very festive when you arrived :)

    1. I had curled my hair that morning but it rained all day and was so damp that it was straight by the time I arrived lol

  2. You do look very Festive. They have come a long way with sweaters and this one is too cute.

  3. You looked much better (and more Christmasy) than I did while I travelled lol and I only had to travel 3 hours away.
    I showed up at Andrew's family's wearing yoga pants and a Pretty Reckless Tshirt :P